OK Guys, I've spoken to the doc and he says 10-15 of you will have a heart attack in the next 10 years. 
Could I just ask that it's not all the tenors?"
What's My REAL Chance of Having a Heart Attack?
Within cardiology terminology, we define the risk of a coronary artery event as “low”, “intermediate” or “high”. A low risk is considered a less than 10 percent chance of a coronary event within 10 years. A high risk is considered a greater than 20 percent chance of an event within 10 years. An intermediate risk is between 10 and 20 percent risk of an event within 10 years.
This means that, if we were to take a group of 100 people who were high-risk and follow them for 10 years, 20 or more of those people would have a coronary event or symptom.

But you still don't know precisely which group your in!
"When it comes to the heart, being aware of your blood pressure and keeping it down, being aware of your cholesterol and dealing with it appropriately, undertaking regular exercise, not smoking and addressing other cardiovascular risks are all important for a safe journey through life. 
However, on their own, they offer no guarantee of avoiding a heart attack, although they are likely to reduce the risk"
Your Heart is in Your Hands
This book could save your life,
or the life of someone close to you
What if we could plan NOT to have a heart attack? Bring the future into the present 
This book is for you, if you...
  • Want to reduce your risk of a heart attack
  • Have a high cholesterol and are not sure about taking statin
  • Suffer side effects from statins
  • Come from a family with ‘bad’ hearts
  • Just want to know what’s going on with your heart
  • Want to know more about cardiac CT imaging
  • Would enjoy an informative read about the main killer of our generation
  • Believe prevention is better than cure
  • Are a doctor wanting more information about risk or need a book you can recommend to your patients
  • Have a heart
#1 International Best Seller!
About The Author

Dr Warrick Bishop MBBS, FRACP, Cardiologist
Warrick Bishop is a cardiologist with special interest in cardiovascular disease prevention incorporating imaging, lipids and lifestyle. 

He is author of the #1 International Best Seller “Have You Planned Your Heart Attack?” with over 20,000 copies in print; the book is a discussion for patients and doctors about how we can be most precise about cardiovascular risk and save lives!

Graduating from the University of Tasmania, School of Medicine, in 1988. He worked in the Northern Territory and South Australia before completing his advanced training in cardiology in Hobart, Tasmania, becoming a Fellow of the Royal Australian College of Physicians and Member of the Cardiac Society of Australia and New Zealand in 1997.

Working predominately in private practice. In 2009 Warrick undertook training in CT Cardiac Coronary Angiography, being the first cardiologist in Tasmania with this specialist recognition. This area of imaging drives his interest in preventative cardiology. He holds level B certification with the Australian Joint Committee for CCTA and is a member of the Society of Cardiac Computed Tomography.

Warrick is also a member of the Australian Atherosclerosis Society and regularly contributes to education, guidelines and industry in this area. He has also developed a particular interest in diabetic-related risk of coronary artery disease, specifically related to eating guidelines and lipid profiles.

Warrick is an accredited examiner for the Royal Australian College of Physicians and is regularly involved with teaching medical students and junior doctors. He has worked with Hobart’s Menzies Institute for Medical Research on projects in an affiliate capacity and is recognised by the Medical School of the University of Tasmania with academic status.

For more than a year, Warrick has been a member of the Clinical Issues Committee of the Australian Heart Foundation, providing input into issues of significance for the management of heart patients.

In his free time, Warrick enjoys travel and music with his wife, and he surfs and plays guitar with his children. 
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